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I invite you to join webtalk. A social network the size of Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadéo, Instagram will be open to the general public on April 15, 2020. This social network has an integrated payment system that pays its subscribers at $ 4 / person.

👉 See what you can gain before the definitive launch of this network scheduled for April 2020

👉 1 person = $ 4 / month for life 👉 25 people = $ 100 / month for life

👉 50 people = $ 200 / month for life; and so on….

👉 Payments will be made every 28th of the month, the Minimum Payment is $ 100. Payments will be made at choice, either by bank transfer, or to your Paypal account for those who have one, or by Payoneer, either in bitcoin, or on your Webpay account, the banking platform that Webtalk is developing. (other payment processors will be added as and when requested). Registration is free and without constraint until April 2020 when the network will be definitively accessible to all.

👉 Position yourself for free and register your friends or acquaintances on the networks to be paid $ 4 / person / month. I encourage you to register as many people as possible before the beta version ends on April 15, 2020.